Metal | Construction: Dec '21

Valid for the month of December 2021 - Construction | Metal | Wood Division Prices within this promotion are recommended selling prices excluding GST and will be valid while stocks last. All items have been included in good faith on the basis that they will be available at the time of sale. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent actual products. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. Wurth is a registered trademark of Wurth International AG. ABN 48 002 487 096. All information, images and content is copyright of Wurth New Zealand Ltd. Wurth NZ Ltd - (09) 262 3040 CONSTRUCTION | METAL | WOOD SPECIALS December 2021 Standard core drill bits made of cemented carbide for drilling large through holes up to Ø 50 mm with mobile magnetic or stationary drills in cutting depths of 30 mm and 50 mm in conventional steels up to 850 N/mm², wood and non- ferrous metals, such as aluminium, aluminium alloys and plastic. • High performance and rapid drilling progress with a long service life • In contrast to solid drilling, only a thin metal ring is cut. The drill core is ejected by an ejector pin. • No pre-drilling required, no formation of burrs • No pre- or post-processing required • Optimised cutting geometry • Long service life compared to many standard core drill bits • Clean drill profile • Drill hole with precise tolerances • Precise guidance, no slipping • Suitable for overlap drilling. Problem-free drilling on curved surfaces and pipes. CORE DRILL BIT HSS Size Art. No. Qty D12MM 0630930120 1 D13MM 0630930130 D14MM 0630930140 D16MM 0630930180 D18MM 0630930160 D20MM 0630930200 D22MM 0630930220 D26MM 0630930260 Art. No. 5964055501 WATERTIGHT PLUG HOUSING TE SUPERSEAL 1.5 SERIES ASSORTMENT 440 pieces in system case 4.4.1